Connecting people

Wide-Net network and services enable IT professionals in making connections across Italy and the world, in order to transform the way they collaborate on ground-breaking research.

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What we do

We run a dedicated high speed infrastructure based on the model of enterprise networks. We offer an advanced routing lab, IPv6 networking, a full-fledged VoIP platform, virtualization services, legacy support (SNA, DECnet) and much more.

Who is it for?

Any company or individual. You can join the Wide-Net project via a dedicated L2 connection or via DMVPN or MPLS. Once the peering is completed, we can push full BGP and OSPF feeds for routes to the entire network.

Who we are

Leonardo Rizzi
The architect

Gianremo Smisek

Francesco Ferrario
Solutions engineer

Alessandro Galimberti

Lorenzo Cafaro
Designer and developer

Giorgio Bonfiglio
Cloud specialist

Alessandro degl'Innocenti
Wireless technician

Gerardo Cacciari
Legacy aficionado

General inquiry

+1 (646) 374-8718 (US)
+39 02 45073118 (EMEA)